How we manage our clients’ wealth

Wealth management from Freeport Trust Company Limited is available for entrepreneurs, companies and families requiring assistance with the management and administration of their investments and assets.

Access to the right services that enable you to manage your wealth appropriately is vital. When you have multiple high-value assets and investments to manage, you need an experienced team by your side who will help you to reach your goals. At Freeport Trust Company Limited, our wealth management service makes it possible to gain complete control of your wealth. Our extensive services include central management and administration to manage your finances and assets in the most appropriate and tax-efficient manner. We act as trustees, directors and provide registered office or registered agent services to fulfil all of the duties required to manage your wealth efficiently whilst ensuring compliance within a complex regulatory environment.

The wealth management service offered by Freeport Trust Company Limited is made possible through our extensive network of intermediaries and professionals. These include regulators, government bodies, investment managers, legal professionals, agents, and tax consultants. Our services are tailored to the specific needs of each client, implementing and managing a tax-efficient structure based on the advice received from their advisors.

Freeport Trust Company Limited is based in the Isle of Man and is licensed by the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority. Many of our staff members hold professional financial and legal qualifications and, additionally, have many years of experience working in the offshore fiduciary sector. Our in-house compliance team ensures that our management of structures remains compliant with both local and international regulations.

We work together with our clients to ensure every structure meets their individual needs and goals. Our high level of service focuses on ensuring all structures are established and administered in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. The services that we offer include the management of investment portfolios, property services, the importation of assets, and family office services with a variety of investment vehicles available. Entrepreneurs, high net worth individuals, families, and both national and international companies can all benefit from the wealth management services offered by Freeport Trust Company Limited.

Investment Portfolio Management

When you require the best support to help with managing your investment portfolio, Freeport Trust Company Limited provides an efficient, informed and pragmatic service. We can introduce or work with existing investment managers and oversee their performance to ensure a client’s return is in line with their specific goals or requirements. Our directors work with the client, their advisor and investment manager to select the best structure to manage the investment, to understand financial goals, and monitor and manage the investments to produce the best possible result. We are experienced in dealing with high-value investment portfolios whilst providing comprehensive and detailed feedback to ensure the client / advisors have all the information available to make informed decisions.

If you have an existing investment portfolio, our team will work with the portfolio manager to consider your financial objectives and understand how your investments are performing against them. It is possible to easily enhance your existing wealth management requirements by connecting with the skilled team here at Freeport Trust Company Limited.

Property Services

Our property services offer a cost-effective and efficient way to manage and administrate a residential or commercial property portfolio. We work with property managers, agents, legal, banks, and third parties to deliver a comprehensive range of property services. Our property team uses their extensive knowledge and experience to provide you with the support that you need to grow your property portfolio. We can assist with all kinds of real estate assets, including residential letting, hotels, office space, and retail property.

When you choose our property services, we ensure that the most efficient and effective corporate structure is chosen to meet your needs. We aim to provide a service that makes it easy for you to understand what is happening, keeps your information confidential, and complies with all necessary regulations. Our network of experts means that you have all of the essential people on your side to help you grow your property portfolio.

Management of Luxury Assets

Luxury asset management from Freeport Trust Company Limited allows individuals, families, and businesses to accumulate and manage these assets in a cost-effective way. We deliver customer-focused services that help with importing, managing, and administering assets ranging from yachts and aircraft to private art collections. Our services include liaising with aircraft and shipping registers and helping with importation to make the acquisition of valuable assets simple. We can assist with vessel registration, VAT registration and administration, and corporate management in yachting, as well as aircraft registration, obtaining finance and insurance, and corporate management of an existing holding company.

Registering a vessel or aircraft in the Isle of Man delivers a range of benefits, being cost-effective, efficient and having excellent regulatory standards.

Family Office Services

Families benefit from our wide range of family office services. We can offer a variety of investment vehicles to suit the needs of your family and manage your assets and investments with both the present and the future in mind. We offer a range of trust services to suit clients of all kinds, including families that wish to manage and protect their wealth. Our services are capable of handling specific family needs and can help with issues such as reducing inheritance tax, asset protection, estate, and tax planning, and investment and property holding.

Our skilled team takes care of all of the essentials of management and administration of financial structures so that your family doesn't need to worry. We treat clients sensitively and provide families with services that are tailored to their requirements.

Freeport Trust Company Limited has built a reputation of trust, hard work, and exceptional service. Many of our first clients from our establishment in 1993 still work with us today, and we have a long-standing client base that includes companies and individuals who trust us to make the right decisions and provide the right advice to help them manage their wealth. We offer high standards of corporate governance delivered by our excellent and experienced team of technically capable staff. Our clients also benefit from cost-effective administration, an extensive network of professional intermediaries, and a flexible and multi-jurisdictional approach.

Contact us at Freeport Trust Company Limited to find out more about our wealth management service. We would be happy to discuss any requirements that you may have and provide more information about any of our services. We aim to build on relationships with our clients so that you receive a trusted and personal service.

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